BMW 7-Series High-Security VR7 Armoured Car

BMW 745Li High-Security


  • Armouring: VR7
  • Build Year: 2007
  • Mileage: 74,000 Miles
  • Engine: 4.4 V8
  • Colour: Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior: Nasca Black Leather

BMW 7-Series High-Security – A VIP’s Essential Transport

People with high standards don’t want to be forced to choose between security and comfort. Which is why the BMW  Series High Security delivers both: on the one hand, it’s a maximum-security vehicle that satisfies the most stringent security regulations and is ready, willing and able to tackle every conceivable situation.  On the other, it’s also a saloon that effortlessly sets new standards as regards comfort, spaciousness and customized equipment.

The designers and engineers at BMW have taken a fundamental look at the BMW 7-Series and gone the extra mile to deliver maximum protection without in any way diminishing its imposing presence.  For its occupants, the upshot is that reassuring confidence that comes with knowing they’re riding in a vehicle that is both a paragon of security and a model of poise and sophistication.

Some people shoulder great responsibility on a daily basis – putting themselves at risk in the process. To help them get where they need to go and arrive fresh and relaxed, what’s needed is a saloon car that offers the highest possible levels of security en route.  Consistent evolution through four generations has ensured that the BMW 7-Series High-Security has remained the armoured car of choice for Heads of State, High-Net Worth Individuals and VIP’s.

Comfortable, Classy and Discreet – Anonymity is they key

People who bear the greatest responsibilities should be able to rely on the greatest protection – without having to sacrifice the unique driving experience that only a BMW 7 Series can offer. BMW has been setting new standards in the design and construction of armoured vehicles for over 35 years. The BMW 7 Series High Security is a logical continuation of this tradition, allowing passengers to climb in, settle back and relax in the generously proportioned rear, knowing they’re surrounded by total security.

Anonymity is a powerful security measure. The BMW 7 Series High Security is a striking and elegant vehicle, every bit as imposing as the standard model – but its security modifications are almost invisible.  From the armour plating and ballistic safety glass to the runflat tyres, all the security equipment has been designed to offer optimum protection while attracting minimum attention.

The BMW E65/66/67 7-Series was the first of Chris Bangles “flame-surfacing” BMW designs.  The non-armoured models were introduced in November 2001 with the armoured High-Ssecurity models appearing in 2003.  All BMW 7-Series High-Security armoured cars are built on the LWB platform (140mm longer), allowing increased rear legroom.

The Best Seats In The House

The sort of person who pushes themselves to their limits every day needs to make sure they find time to relax.  And the BMW 7 Series High Security is the perfect place to do just that.  It offers a stylish and roomy space where cares and troubles seem far away.  This is why the BMW 7 Series High Security is only available in the long wheelbase version, and why it offers such an enormous range of equipment and trim options.  That way, the occupants can focus on the task at hand – even if that task is just to relax.

Status, pressure, responsibility: the sort of people who sit here will be used to high-level dealings and constant challenges. The time they spend in the back of the BMW 7 Series High Security will be a special experience for them – a place where they are protected on all sides, yet free to stretch out and relax.

Security while driving depends largely on the driver.  That’s why at BMW, the driver has always been at the centre of our thinking.  The slight angling of the centre console towards the steering wheel was a distinctive design feature of the very first BMW 7 Series. In the BMW 7 Series High Security, it’s symbolic of how the whole cockpit is built around the driver.

At first glance the interior of the 7-Series High-Security is identical to the standard model, however cleverly hidden buttons allow the driver or front passenger to operate the standard and optional security features available.  The reclining and heated rear seats have adequate legroom, offered by the LWB chassis, and there is separate heating controls in the rear for the air-conditioning.  An integrated fridge is located in the centre arm-rest as standard optional i-Drive display is available for the rear passengers.

Driving Dynamics

When every second counts, power becomes a security feature.  That’s why BMW vehicles deserve nothing less than the best engines in the world – and none more so than the BMW 7 Series High Security.  The chassis, electronic driver aids and brakes have all been precisely recalibrated to take into account the increased vehicle weight.  As a result, the responses are almost indistinguishable from the corresponding standard models, ensuring the unique BMW driving experience is retained.Because optimum protection is not achieved through innovative armour technologies alone, but by combining them with maximum vehicle responsiveness.

Runfl at tyres with a semi-rigid ring (Michelin PAX system) are fitted as standard, allowing the vehicle to continue for approximately 50 kilometres, at speeds of up to 80 km/h, even after a sudden loss of tyre pressure. Unlike conventional runflat tyres, these have a semi-rigid ring mounted around the rim base, preventing the tyre from flying off the rim.  In the event of a loss of pressure, the weight of the vehicle is borne by the ring, thereby ensuring continued good handling. Meanwhile, the driver is notified of the loss of pressure and is therefore able to respond properly to this hazardous situation.

Available as either 760Li (439hp 6.0 V12) or 745Li (329hp 4.4 V8) models, the suspension uses a conventional spring & strut arrangement, as opposed to air, the brakes are upgraded.

Complete Protection For The Worlds Influential People

The engineers at BMW are always coming up with new solutions designed for different scenarios. Be it a fire in the engine compartment or under the vehicle, tear gas on the streets or a jammed door, in the BMW 7 Series High Security you can be confident your vehicle can handle it.

For example, highly sensitive temperature sensors automatically activate the fire extinguisher system when needed.  Another sensor monitors air composition – once a certain level of tear gas is registered, the interior protection facility is activated manually and the optional emergency fresh-air system ensures a temporary supply of breathable air to the occupants.  Emergency exit via the front windscreen has been further optimized, and thanks to a special device it is now easier and quicker to operate. And it goes without saying that BMW is always ready and willing to realize even the most specialized individual requirements for security features.

The BMW 7-Series High-Security is armoured to VR7 level of the BRV1999 specifications set out by VPAM, independently inspected by the Munich Ballistics Authority, offering a fully protected passenger cell against rifles.  It uses a combination of IsoClima OmniArmour polycarbonate windows and ballistic steel.

Standard fit security features include:

  • Intercom System
  • Panic Alarm
  • Electrically Heated Front Windscreen

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