E60 BMW 5-Series Security

Few of the world’s automobile manufacturers have their own in-house tradition of constructing security vehicles. For over 30 years, BMW has been one of those few, and as a result has a wealth of experience in providing reliable and sophisticated solutions for the protection of at-risk vehicle occupants. Among these mobile security solutions is the BMW 5 Series Security, where innovative technologies and materials provide comprehensive protection meeting protection level VR4 without compromising the driving pleasure you are used to from BMW.

E60 BMW 5-Series Security Cover
5-Series Security

The series-production version of the BMW 5 Series meets the most exacting standards expected of a saloon car. It combines dynamics, functionality and aesthetics – at first sight, the BMW 5 Series promises an exciting driving experience. And with its powerful engines and innovative lightweight construction, it delivers on that promise around every corner and along every straight.

Introduced in 2005 the BMW E60 5-Series Security is a VR4 (BRV2009) certified armoured vehicle, offering protection for hand guns up to .44 Magnum. Designed, developed and produced by BMW themselves, the 5-Series Security was offered with 2 engines, a 3.0 litre Straight 6 and a 4.8 litre V8.


Armoured BMW 550i

A subtle combination of safety, dynamics and comfort produces the BMW 5 Series Security: a vehicle that is not immediately identifiable as a security vehicle. However, you are aware of the fact that the integrated safety technology is always there for you and ready for deployment at all times. The sporty elegant design of the BMW 5 Series saloon car is fully retained in the Security version.

The E60 5-Series was the second BMW (after the E65 shape 7-series) to feature the controversial at the time “flame surfacing design”. Designed by Davide Arcangeli and released in 2003, the armoured version, dubbed “Security” was showcased at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. Thanks to its development in-house by BMW, the 5-Series Security offers almost no clue to the armouring it possesses. The 5-Series Security received a facelift in 2007 with the rest of the range.


5-Series Security Interior

In the interior, high-quality materials, clear surfaces and generous dimensions ensure outstanding comfort. The ergonomic design of the BMW 5 Series cockpit ensures refined driving and perfect control, even in critical situations. Fewer controls mean an uncluttered dashboard and ease of control, focusing on the driver and his driving pleasure. The BMW 5 Series offers eight individually programmable buttons in the centre console, the so-called Favourite Buttons. These can, for instance, be programmed with a destination address for the navigation system, a telephone number or selected audio source.

The rear of the BMW 5 Series impresses thanks to its clever use of space, lacing particular stress on ideal head and legroom. Rear passengers will appreciate the generous dimensions, which guarantee comfort even on the longest journeys.

5-Series Security Interior Rear
5-Series Security Centre Panel

On close inspection the interior of the 5-Series Security is near-identical to that of the normal version, featuring the same i-Drive infotainment system and comfortable interior. The standard fit Security features are nestled away in the space previously reserved for the ashtray, housing the controls for the intercom system, electrically heated windscreen and panic alarm system.

5-Series Security Armouring

BMW 5-Series Armoured Car

The F.I.R.S.T. principle (Fully Integrated Road Safety Technology) applies to all BMW vehicles: this principle combines all aspects of active and passive safety into an integrated whole. Priority here is given to the avoidance of risks – because the best policy is to prevent an accident from happening in the first place. Special requirements relating to the protection of persons exposed to risk are based on this concept. This ensures that BMW Security cars also protect their passengers appropriately in all situations.

Driving a BMW 5 Series Security conveys a safe, relaxed feeling. From development right through to production readiness, the BMW 5 Series Security undergoes comprehensive inspection procedures which include both ballistic tests and driver trials.

The testing and certification of the entire vehicle were carried out by the State Ballistic Authority in Mellrichstadt/Germany, according to European standards DIN EN 1063 and DIN EN 1522/23-1. Testing is based on the BRV 1999 testing and certification guidelines for bullet resistant passenger cars and other vehicles. The safety glass protects against full-jacketed flat-head bullets up to .44 Magnum (additional tests were carried out with .357 Magnum and 9mm projectiles).

The BMW 5-Series Security uses a combination of IsoClima OmniArmour polycarbonate windows, Kevlar and ballistic steel. Key components of the vehicle such as the battery and ECM are also protected, ensuring that a quick getaway during/following and attack is possible.

5-Series Security Window


BMW 550i Security Engine

The 5-Series Security is available with 2 petrol engines, a 255hp 3.0 straight six and a 362hp V8. There is a smooth shifting 6 speed automatic gearbox and the suspension and braking systems are upgraded to cope with the increased weight of the armouring.

Safety is one of the most important criteria, particularly under extreme conditions. The BMW 5 Series features state-of-the-art safety systems meeting the most exacting demands, with active safety right at the top of the list. That is why the BMW 5 Series is equipped with a variety of electronic control systems to assist the driver in critical situations. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) switches between the engine and brakes to prevent oversteer or understeer. The DSC driver assist system involves several different modules, from ABS technology to Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and automatic differential braking.

Optional Equipment

BMW Night Vision

Thanks to the state-of-the-art infrared technologies of BMW Night Vision, drivers can clearly detect far-off people and animals on the road earlier than ever before and in clear detail-before a dangerous situation can arise. The system works even when there is oncoming traffic.

Active Steering

Improved direct steering ratio at low speeds ensures optimum handling and more comfortable parking. Maximum driving stability is provided by more indirect steering behaviour at high speed.

Dynamic Drive

An active suspension system that reduces body roll in corners to a minimum.
Dynamic Drive enables superior agility at every speed, as well as optimum directional stability.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive Headlights feature an innovative combination of the adaptive low beam and the new turning light. This ensures increased safety at night and in poorly lit situations.

E60 BMW 5-Series Security Armoured Car
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E60 BMW 5-Series Security Armoured Car
Armoured to VR4 (BRV1999) level, providing protection from hand gun attacks. The BMW 5-Series Security is a factory armoured car for the security conscious professional.
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